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MLM Baazar is A Trusted MLM Software Company That Gives You The Solution of Every MLM Software, Whether it is Software of Unilevel MLM Software, Binary MLM Software, Matrix MLM Software , Centralize & Decentralize MLM Software, Cryptocurrency MLM Software And More . If You Need Any MLM Software Then We Provide Good Quality MLM Software or CRM Software or Ecommerce MLM Software With Best Support System.

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binary MLM Plan

Binary MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) plan is a compensation structure where each member is allowed to have only two front-line distributors. It creates a binary tree-like structure where each distributor can recruit two new members under them, creating a left and a right leg.

Matrix MLM Plan

A matrix MLM plan is a type of multilevel marketing compensation plan where distributors are organized in a fixed matrix structure. This structure limits the number of distributors that can be placed in each level or width, making it important for new distributors to be placed under existing distributor’s downline to ensure maximum earning potential.

Unilevel MLM Plan

Unilevel MLM plan is a compensation structure in multi-level marketing where distributors can recruit an unlimited number of frontline distributors. This allows for unlimited width in the organization, meaning distributors can have as many people on their frontline as they wish, but typically only receive commissions or bonuses on a limited number of levels deep.

monoline / Silgle leg MLM Plan

Single leg MLM Plan is a type of multi-level marketing compensation plan where each distributor is placed in a single line. This means that all distributors are on the same level and they are all part of the same leg, resulting in a simple and straightforward structure.

Hybrid MLM Plan

Hybrid MLM Plan is a combination of two or more MLM compensation plans that allows distributors to benefit from multiple earning opportunities. It offers a flexible and diverse structure where distributors can earn commissions through various methods such as direct sales, downline team building, and bonuses based on sales volumes.


RIO MLM Plan, also known as RIO (Return on Investment) Multi-Level Marketing Plan, is a compensation plan used by multi-level marketing companies to distribute commissions among their network of sales representatives. It is a binary compensation plan that allows distributors to earn commissions and bonuses based on their personal sales as well as the sales made by their downline team.

Autopool MLM Plan

The Autopool MLM Plan is a type of multi-level marketing plan that allows members to earn commissions from the sales made by their downline distributors. It features a unique structure where new members are automatically placed under existing members, creating a binary tree-like structure that maximizes earning potential.

Board MLM Plan

Board MLM Plan, also known as the revolving matrix plan, is a type of multi-level marketing compensation plan where members are organized in a board-like structure. In this plan, as members recruit new individuals, they fill up the board and when it is completely filled, the top member moves to the next higher level, providing an opportunity for everyone in the board to progress to higher levels and earn greater rewards.

forced Matrix MLM Plan

Forced matrix MLM plan is a compensation structure in the network marketing industry where members are organized in a specific matrix format. In this plan, each member can only have a limited number of downline members, typically a fixed number of individuals in each level, creating a “forced” structure that promotes teamwork and spillover effects.

Donation MLM Plan

Donation MLM Plan is a type of multi-level marketing scheme where participants make donations to a central pool and recruit new members to join the program. In return, the participants receive donations from the new members they recruit, creating a chain of donations within the network.

Investment MLM Plan

Investment MLM Plan is a type of multi-level marketing scheme where participants invest a certain amount of money and earn profits through recruiting new members and receiving commissions on their investments. It is based on the concept of leveraging investments and building a network of downline distributors to generate income through a pyramid-like structure.

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Multi Currency

We Add Multi Currency System on our MLM Software. For which you can run your mlm business very well in other countries in this software. We add dollar, Rupee, cryptocurrency, euro and many more. Contact us if you want to take our multi currency mlm software.

Multi type Language

You can get Multi language System on your MLM Software. For which you can run your mlm business very well in other countries and run your business Smoothly. If you want to buy our multi language mlm software please contact us now.

E-commerce with MLM System

Grow your E-commerce Business with our MLM Software. We also integration MLM System on your E-commerce Website or software. That Becuase you can promote your business 10x time Faster. so contact us now to get Our Best MLM Software for your E-commerce Business.

Multi-vendor E-commerce with MLM System

hi are you running a multi vendor E-commerce business or thinking of E-commerce business which will have affiliate income, just like amazon website or it will have better affiliate income then why are you delaying? We make this kind for multi vendor E-commerce. Contact us now. We will provide you all the best software.